Mindshift- The Interview Series: Featuring Kayla Of KayParchia.com

Before we begin, let's set the stage. The purpose of this interview series is to inspire and encourage millennials to take the leap into entrepreneurship or give advice to those currently on the journey.

This series will highlight millennial entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries who are offering services, products and resources to their audiences. 

 Throughout the next couple of weeks you will have the chance to read the stories of millennial trailblazers who are designers, social ambassadors, photographers, and more. I hope you are inspired!

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In this Mindshift Interview, I have Kayla of KayParchia. During this interview, we deep dived into all things business, influencing the future and more. Kayla has such an amazing spirit. And her willingness to help others is great, so much so, she withheld nothing during this interview. Get your notebook ready, because she's dropping gems!

Behind the Person.

Tell a little bit about yourself and what you do. 

Well I do a lot of things, lol. I just finished an internship with BMI, and I currently work at Nike as a retail associate. As for my personal endeavors, I have a self-titled blog that inspires in the realms of business, life, and well-being.

I was born in Houston, TX but have lived in the Atlanta area all my life. I studied musical theatre at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), and finished my undergraduate at Georgia State University, receiving a Bachelors Degree in Journalism.

What is one quote you live by? Give an example of how you’ve applied this quote in your journey.

Aw man, this is difficult because I love quotes so it’s hard to choose just one. But one that comes to mind is a quote by Maya Angelou.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.
— Maya Angelou

As a person, I try to give the best energy and be the most positive person. It’s what our parents all told us at one point at time; treat others the way you want to be treated. In business, in everyday life, it’s important to be aware of how you’re communicating to people. Giving great energy out can change the aura of an entire room. So throughout my journey, I have tried to be the most positive I can be no matter what I’m going through.

What’s one habit you have developed that you feel as though has aided in your overall journey?


Within the last few years, I have developed a better understanding of what it truly means to be appreciative. I purchased a gratitude journal and have been writing in it ever since. I feel that practicing being grateful of what I have now in this moment in my life, as well as being appreciative of life’s lessons and blessings, has rewarded me with new opportunities to grow my brand and myself.  

All things Business.

How did KayParchia.com come to form? What was the idea that started it all?

Kayparchia.com has been in development for some time now. I have always wanted my own brand, and I am still figuring out what I ultimately want the legacy of my brand to be. It started out as a way of me communicating my endeavors to my peers and potential employers, but more and more it is becoming less about me, and more about other people.

Often times people will ask me how I got my internship or how I got an opportunity, and I want to use my platform to share those experiences so that I can better someone else in their career path. I have always wanted to help and inspire people and what better way to do that then to have a website dedicated to it.

What is the ‘Why’ of your brand: Kay Parchia? What problems or pain points are you looking to solve through KayParchia.com?

Uplifting and Inspiring.

Kayparchia.com is about uplifting and inspiring. The twenties are a time of growth and truly figuring it out. Media can make it seem like every twenty-something should have a multi-million dollar start-up or a flourishing clothing line or brand. I know I fell into that trap and it made me feel like the hard work I was doing wasn’t enough, a lot of the time.

It’s good to have those examples to look at and see how far we can go but to still know our journey is our own. It may come sooner or later, sometimes much later than someone else’s. I like to be transparent about my journey, what I’m facing, what I’m succeeding at, what I failed at but learned from, and through that transparency I can relate to other millennials in a way that lets them know that they are not alone and we’re all going through a period of self-discovery.

I can relate to other millennials in a way that lets them know that they are not alone.

There are a lot of misconceptions about running a personal brand or being an entrepreneur, like lack of freedom or difficulty growing income. What’s the biggest myth you’ve learned to be untrue?

One of the biggest myths I believe to be untrue when running a personal brand or being an entrepreneur, is that we don’t’ have enough time. I believe we short change ourselves in a lot of ways when we say we are too busy and/or don’t have time. 

You have to MAKE THE TIME.

If that means waking up at 4:30 am and working on your personal blog until you have to get ready for work, which starts at 9:00 am, then that’s what you have to do. I think the better we learn to manage our time and truly be productive during that time, is when we will see what we are truly made of.

What tools or systems is a necessity for running your platform smoothly?

Some tools that I use to run my site are: Canon Rebel T5, Google Analytics, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Grammarly, just to name a few.

For social media I use these apps for photos: VSCO, Afterlight, and Snapseed.

In order for a brand to thrive there must be clientele. What marketing strategies have you used to attract and find new leads for your KayParchia.com’s growth?

Well, I believe “word of mouth” marketing is still the most effective. It’s something that’s even transcended into the digital space through platforms like Twitter and Instagram. I try to go above and beyond with engaging with people who like and/or comment on whatever content I may post. I think little things like saying “thanks for liking” encourage current and potential clientele to stay or become engaged in what I do.

Outside of that, just going out into the world and meeting new people. I try to get out a few times a week to local events and sometimes even travel to conferences that relate to what I do. I’m always able to walk away with a few more relationships that can connect a few more dots for me. Most of my leads come from genuine involvement like that.

Customer Service or the customer’s overall experience is crucial when it comes to brand longevity. What experiences have you created for your audience?

Being that this is the first year of my blog I am still learning and developing so much, but from my experiences with customer service and marketing, I want to continue to create quality content. From the people I interview to the visuals and photos, from my writing and expertise, I want my brand to be an experience. That way my followers know every single time that my voice is true and that they will receive the best because I gave it my best. That and the engagement piece as we spoke about in the last question. Letting your clientele know you see them and hear them, and that you want to continue to.

I want to continue to create quality content

Influencing the Future.

What are some accomplishments of KayParchia.com? And where do you see its future?

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with brands in my first 6 months of my website being launched, and I am so excited for what’s in store being that this is only the beginning! There are millions of blogs and I think being able to have one that people actually engage with at such an early stage is an accomplishment in itself. I never take that for granted.

For the future, I am looking forward to bringing video content to the platform and continuing to share my experiences as my brand continues to grow and new opportunities come to the table. The future of kayparchia.com is very bright :)

I describe a Mindshift as a moment in time, where one realizes, there is more to life than what society has told. Can you describe your Mindshift moment?

I realized that..I am not reaching my maximum potential.

I would like to say I have had a Mindshift moment very recently. In this moment, I realized that I personally feel that I am not reaching my maximum potential. It’s kind of like in school when you didn’t really study for the test but still managed to get an A or a B on the exam.

I know what it means to put in hard work, but I want to see more from myself. I want to do more for my brand. I want to work on it everyday no matter if I’m tired, if I have to work, if some life shit happens and I’m having a bad day, I want to go my hardest. Put in those “10,000 hours”, because I feel like we’re all guilty of knowing when we didn’t give something our best.

Even if someone believes that it is that most amazing work you’ve ever done, if you know deep down that you didn’t give your all, than there’s more work you need to do fulfill that feeling. We all want to live a successful lifestyle, but it’s about doing the work to get there and that’s what will make it truly worth it in the end.  

What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs or those looking to launch their own personal brands?


This is the piece of advice that continues to appear in my life no matter what. I’ve heard it from mentors, conferences, and successful entrepreneurs. Consistency in whatever you’re doing is essential to your success. I am working on it myself daily, but it’s going back to my Mindshift Moment, it’s about working on something you enjoy everyday. Giving yourself a goal to complete daily, if you accomplish nothing else you complete that goal and that will help you feel that you are moving towards your dream.

Lastly, think about what living life on your own terms means to you. Describe your ideal situation.

Living my life on my own terms means waking up everyday grateful for my experiences and blessed to have a life where I can do whatever I want, when I want, the sky is the limit. I want a life with positive growing people surrounding me working to accomplish their dreams. I want to do something that has never been done. I want to continue to stay grounded no matter how big I become. I want to stay true to myself no matter what brand, deal, etc. comes my way. I want to use my resources to improve the African-American community and my accomplishments to inspire women and young girls. I want to leave an imprint on this earth of being a good kind-hearted human being who encouraged the best from people.  

I want to leave an imprint on this earth of being a good kind-hearted human being who encouraged the best from people.

Additional Gems from Kay:

 It's bigger than you. Give it your all. Make connections.

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