Mindshift- The Interview Series: Featuring Diamonde Of Blossom

Before we begin, let's set the stage. The purpose of this interview series is to inspire and encourage millennials to take the leap into entrepreneurship or give advice to those currently on the journey.

This series will highlight millennial entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries who are offering services, products and resources to their audiences. 

 Throughout the next couple of weeks you will have the chance to read the stories of millennial trailblazers who are designers, social ambassadors, photographers, and more. I hope you are inspired!

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In this Mindshift Interview, I have Diamonde of Blossom  During this interview, we deep dived into all things business, influencing the future and more. Diamonde is passionate about creating her reality. And her initiative to start her own network is no surprise! Here, she shares her trials + successes on the entrepreneurial journey.  

Behind the Person.

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Tell a little bit about yourself and what you do. 

I’m a woman obsessed with living at my highest potential. Literally, OBSESSED. I’m always reading, researching, and trying to learn more about growing closer to the Universe. In all that I do, whether I’m producing a show, writing a book, developing a concept for a client, I’m passionate. I’m thinking, how can I implement my best into this?

What is one quote you live by? Give an example of how you’ve applied this quote in your journey.

This is a tough one because there’s SO many. I think a good one that I have to remind myself of sometimes is

We’re already equipped with everything we need.

We don’t have to search for anything outside of ourselves because we already have what we’re seeking. When I really stop to think about that, it’s pretty deep.

What’s one habit you have developed that you feel as though has aided in your overall journey?


Having FAITH. I used to worry so much but when I realized God’s power and His ability to come through, I learned to stop worrying. That doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous sometimes, because I do. But I have faith and know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Not only that, but God ALWAYS always always comes through. 

All Things Business.

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How did Blossom come to form? What was the idea that started it all?

I grew really tired of creating television that didn’t serve my purpose for the sake of a paycheck. I wanted to create meaningful content.

After working on OWN’s “Iyanla, Fix My Life”, I realized, I needed and wanted to create this kind of content all the time. Instead of trying to search for it and wait for another network to call me, I had to create it myself. I had to be an example, THUS, Blossom. It started with the idea of just creating a bunch of different shows but now has blossomed into this concept of housing other content creator projects that make our audience feel good.

What is the ‘Why’ of Blossom? What problems or pain points are you looking to solve through Blossom?

I feel like television, specifically unscripted/reality television, has created an environment where we’ve truly become obsessed with comparing ourselves to other people’s lives in a negative way. We’re looking at what they’re wearing, where they’re partying, what they have on and then looking at what we don’t have.. And it’s like THAT DOESN’T MATTER. We need to be focused on the present moment. We need to learn to be okay with who we are and what we’re doing. We need to be validated as we are in this moment and that’s what I want Blossom to do for our audience. Validate their identities. Love them and embrace them for who they are in this moment.

...what I want Blossom to do for our audience [is] validate their identities. Love them and embrace them for who they are in this moment.

There are a lot of misconceptions about running a personal brand or being an entrepreneur, like lack of freedom or difficulty growing income. What’s the biggest myth you’ve learned to be untrue?

I want to be an entrepreneur because I don’t want to work for anyone.

So untrue. We still work for people. I probably work for more people than I ever have now. Lol


What tools or systems is a necessity for running your platform smoothly?

A solid team and processes.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from all of the female entrepreneurs that I’ve worked for is - process. I’m in the process of creating processes right now. I’m using Asana right now to get organized.


In order for a brand and business to thrive there must be clientele. What marketing strategies have you used to attract and find new leads for Blossom’s growth?

All growth right now has been natural. I don’t know that I’ve necessarily done anything yet that has intentionally grown our audience. However, the end of the month is dedicated to creating marketing strategies so that we can grow our audience, content creators and production clients.

Customer Service or the customer’s overall experience is crucial when it comes to brand longevity. What experiences have you created for your clientele or audience?

Besides social media, nothing yet. We haven’t officially launched but when we do, we will definitely make sure our audience has an empowering experience. 

An empowering experience.

Influencing the Future.

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What are some accomplishments of Blossom? And where do you see its future?

We grew to 200 Instagram followers without any real effort, which is nice. And it’s only been a month. That’s exciting to me! The future is HUGE. We’re the Netflix for multicultural millennial women and we came to DISRUPT, okay?

I describe a Mindshift as a moment in time, where one realizes, there is more to life than what society has told. Can you describe your Mindshift moment?

Love is more important than accomplishments.

Living in California, away from my girlfriend and friends taught me that love is more important than accomplishments. A notch on my resume can’t compare to the feeling I get when waking up to my girlfriend. Love fuels me. Love fuels all and lack of love can cause destruction. That’s my mindshift moment. I like that by the way. “Mindshift moment”. Thanks, Diamonde!

What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs?

  • Experiment.-Don’t wait for things to be perfect, execute.
  • Read business books.
  • Do what you can with what you have.

Lastly, think about what living life on your own terms means to you. Describe your ideal situation.

I just want to feel free. I want to live as God wants me to live. I want to love as God loves.

That’s really it. For me, that’s the foundation to which I can build my dream life.

Additional Gems from Diamonde:

Do what you love. Develop your 'Why'. Seize the Present Moment.

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