Mindshift- The Interview Series: Featuring Danasia Of TheUrbanRealist

Before we began, let's set the stage. The purpose of this interview series is to inspire and encourage millennials to take the leap into entrepreneurship or give advice to those currently on the journey.

This series will highlight millennial entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries who are offering services, products and resources to their audiences. 

 Throughout the next couple of weeks you will have the chance to read the stories of millennial trailblazers who are designers, social ambassadors, photographers, and more. I hope you are inspired!

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In this Mindshift Interview, I have Danasia of The digital magazine: TheUrbanRealist. During this interview, we deep dived into all things business, influencing the future and more. Danasia's energy is captivating. She's a people's person and was so willing to share her journey. Here, she speaks of using ambition, tenacity, and willpower to build your dreams into successes. And yes, she keeps it real!

Behind the Person


Tell a little bit about yourself and what you do. 

I am Danasia Fantastic, Philly native who has lived in NYC and Miami. Currently, residing in Atlanta. I am CEO and founder of TheUrbanRealist. A digital publication with writers based in LA, Miami, and NYC. Hence the term: Urban. If I had to give one random fact about myself, I would say I am a crossword addict. 

What is one quote you live by? Give an example of how you’ve applied this quote in your journey.

To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
— Arthur Ashe

I live by this quote. It forces me not to make excuses. Be scrappy. Bet on myself. And most importantly, execute on a higher level. 

What’s one habit you have developed that you feel as though has aided in your overall journey?


Hands down. Tenacity has taught me to be okay with being told No. It has taught me to be persistent and develop consistency. Through exercising tenacity, I have been able to take the answer No and not let it deter me of my course, but push me forward to my answer Yes.

Knowledge is power. What is one book that has impacted your road to success?

How to win friends and influence people.
— Dale Carnegie

All things Business

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How did TheUrbanRealist come to form?

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I started my first digital platform, a positive lifestyle blog, while in Miami. It was not until I made the move to Atlanta, that I realized I needed to move in a new direction. Life is not always positive, and I wanted my writing to be real and honest. Urban was almost a no brainer considering my life's track record in America's urban cities. TheUrbanRealist was born.

What does TheUrbanRealist do? What problems or pain points are you looking to solve through TheUrbanRealist?

TheUrbanRealist is a digital lifestyle mag for the hip and self aware millennial. A definitive guide to millennials who want to live life to the fullest.

We want our audience to understand it's okay to go after what you want but you have to work for it. We want our audience to know, you are not alone in your journey.

You are not alone in your journey.

There are a lot of misconceptions about running a small business or being an entrepreneur, like lack of freedom or difficulty growing income. What’s the biggest myth you’ve learned to be untrue?

Build it and they will come.

No. Go after your audience. Market yourself. Spread the world. In just under three years, TheUrbanRealist has attracted over 12,000 Twitter followers, 4,000 Facebook fans, 10,900 Instagram followers and 180,000 views a month. How? By building connections, networking, and word of mouth. 

What tools or systems is a necessity for running your business smoothly?

One word: Google.

All things Google. My laptop recently died. And Google saved my life! 

Everything from Google Drive, Google Forms, even Google Drawings. Which I admit, I did not know existed until I was in need of a application to use for graphic design. 

In order for a business to thrive there must be clientele. What marketing strategies have you used to attract and find new leads for business growth?


Meaning going to different events in the cities, and even hosting one or two. Word of Mouth is old school but it has been a consistent driver of growth for us.

Customer Service or the customer’s overall experience is crucial when it comes to a brand's longevity. What experiences have you created for your clientele at TheUrbanRealist

At TheUrbanRealist, we curate events and engage our readers through social media to create and maintain a personal connection. We want our audience to know we appreciate and value them. 

In future, there will be a ecommerce shop. Also, I am currently in the process of developing video content in a way that's going to change the culture. It's going to big, but I don't want to say too much. January 2018, wait on it.

Influencing the Future

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What are some accomplishments of TheUrbanRealist? And where do you see its future?

I would have to say it would be growing the site to over 180,000 monthly viewers. Also, the ability to see brand loyalty among our readers, and to see that number consistently increase within our audience.

I describe a Mindshift as a moment in time, where one realizes, there is more to life than what society has told. Can you describe your Mindshift moment?

My mindshift moment occurred when I began to reach out to other writers. Finding out, I was not alone on my journey changed everything. 

What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs?

Stay Tenacious.
Give it your all.

Lastly, think about what living life on your own terms means to you. Describe your ideal situation.

My ideal situation would be providing for myself and family with money never being an issue. To be able to pursue my passions without worry, and randomly travel the world.

Additional Gems from Danasia:

Surround yourself with positive energy. Protect your ideas. Keep pushing.

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