Setting the Record Straight: Debunking the 5 Common Myths of being an Entrepreneur

What are you waiting for? That business idea that's been keeping you up at night isn't going to build itself. Go ahead, tell me why your waiting?... Mhmm, I hear excuses. Now, listen up. Today, I'm giving you the 5 common myths of being an entrepreneur. It's about time someone gave you the truth. 


There is a set path or formula when building a business.

There is no set way to do any one thing. What works for one business will not always work for another. In fact majority of the time, it doesn't and for several reasons. One reason being different target audiences. When you know your target audience, you are strategic with your marketing. Instagram is a huge resource for businesses with a younger clientele. If my audience is senior citizens, I may want to take a different approach.

Another reason being people can smell authenticity if for whatever reason your audience can't connect with you because you're trying to tell someone else's story or duplicate their model to a tee then step aside. Why wouldn't your audience just get their information from the source? Your business provides the opportunity to leave your mark or share your unique journey. No two paths are the same. In my Interview with Anthony J.R of The Laidback Allure, he gives a fantastic example that debunks this myth perfectly. Check it out here.


If you build it, they will come.

What good is a business, if no one knows it exists? Sometimes people have a solution or idea but wait forever to put it out or broadcast it because it's not perfect. Good thing that's not you. You have a great idea, product, or business. You have put in the hours setting up the website, building the sales funnel, and executing the perfect newsletter. But where are your clients? You're waiting for your audience to show up. Newsflash: They don't know you exist because you didn't market. You have to go after your target market. Where does your audience live? What are their top social media platforms? In order for a business to function, there must be consumers. Tell your audience you have the solution to their problem. 


Lack of freedom.

Laugh! Now more than ever before, millions of entrepreneurs are becoming traveling nomads. There are not being limited to just an office space. The world is their backyard, and they're taking advantage. Maybe you don't define freedom as traveling the world. Maybe you would just like a few extra hours to devote to other interests. One word: Systems. Systems allow entrepreneurs to control their time. 

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It’s all about me.

Yes, as an entrepreneur your business' success rest on your shoulders. You are the boss. You have the final say when it comes to making all decisions for your business. However, it's not about YOU.

Every great business knows it's about the customer, client, or consumer. Everything you do revolves around your ideal customer. Customer service and brand longevity go hand in hand.

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I need a business degree.

Another one. *DJ Khaled voice* Sigh, yet another excuse. Going to business school is a great accomplishment, however, it is not a requirement. In fact, some of the top business leaders never even finished school. Do a google searchA degree does not guarantee your business success. Only the value given to your customers can determine the longevity of your business not a framed piece of paper.

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