2 Apps Every Millennial Needs for Their Finances

As a millennial, finances are the last topic of discussion on our dinner dates with friends. The mere mention of the word ‘budget’ causes a case of the chills. That's a bit dramatic, let’s be more realistic. After managing to pay the rent, bills, food, gas, and Sallie Mae what is left? It is no secret majority of millennials are living pay check to pay check. Saving and investing are simply not at the top of the list. But all that is about to change with these two apps.

1.       Mint

Budgeting - the activity nobody likes to do. However, this app makes it simple. It does the budgeting for you!

·         You all your accounts. (Savings, checking, and investing.)

·         It analyzes your spending.

·         Creates a custom budget based on your spending habits.

·         It even provides your credit score quarterly for review.


 It sends notifications or alerts and weekly summaries regarding your accounts. If you want to get serious about budgeting and monitoring your finances. This app is a game changer.


2.       Digit


If you have trouble saving or forget to deposit money into your savings account on a consistent basis this is the perfect tool. Digit allows you to save money without even thinking about it!


·         You link your checking account.

·         It analyzes your spending.

·         It’ll transfer small dollar amounts to your Digit savings account.

Soon you will look up and realize you have saved enough to go on that vacation you wrote on your bucket list or simply treat yourself.


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