You ain't got the answers, Sway!

It's Your Life To Live, However, Are You Living For Yourself Or Others?

Let's start off with a typical conversation that most, especially college students, have had to entertain on numerous occasions ranging from family gatherings, Sunday service at church, even the routine visit to the family dentist office.

It's so good to see you, again? Tell me, How's school going? Not too much longer, what year are you? Do remind me, What's your major? // So do you a boyfriend (girlfriend) yet? No, why not? (Oh really, how long have y'all been a thing?) // What's your plans post college? What kind of job to you expect to get with that degree? 

Do you really want to know? I mean, really? Or are you just making pointless conversation? Do you have a network contact to exchange for this info? Either way, I can almost guarantee majority of college students have the typical standard script of answers to these questions. If you must know, we keep them in our back pockets! Here's an example for the scenario above: 

I'm a senior at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Dual Majoring in Business Economics and Business Finance with a minor in Spanish. In addition, I plan to acquire a TEFL certificate. No, I do not have boyfriend at this time. College is enough. Graduate school for International Business is a thought post graduation. 

I'm sure majority of the people, who ask these questions have good intentions. However, I'm more than my college degree, relationship status, or  the job I'm hoping to acquire post graduation. Can we dig a little deeper? Ask me about my aspirations, goals, passions, etc. What are my inspirations? Now, that's a conversation where I would love to be a participant. 

Because to be honest, I don't have my whole life figured out contrary to the answer above. I do not know. I'm still figuring it out. Twenties are our time to discover. Today,  I maybe a business major, but next year I could very well be in my counselors office inquiring mechanical engineering. #plottwist. God forbid, I take a hiatus. *Cues glances of all hope being lost* 

I mean, we're literally forcing eighteen year old, high school seniors, to map out their entire college career and many times post life rather quickly. Society is so hell bent on preaching college, marriage, career, and happy ever afters. But that formula does not work for everyone. Who said that's the picture of success? happiness? a fulfilling life?

Sometime's I just want to shout to society.. YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS!

Well who has the answers? YOU. 

Take the time to dig deep and self discover for your own sake. It would be lovely to get asked questions that help to spark the endless possibilities life has to offer. Unfortunately, most just want to know how's school going. Yet ultimately, the buck starts and stops with you. You are responsible for  your own life. No one else. Follow that little voice inside of you, let it guide you. Don't hide behind the fancy script you've got in your back pocket to appease society. 

To the girl that has always dreamed of being a doctor, I'm not saying you should not go to college. I'm saying elevate yourself and you may discover you have a passion for the heart. A cardiologist may just be your calling rather than pediatrics like grandma was pushing.  

It's your life to life,however, are you living for yourself or others?

The answers are inside of you. 

If you don't know where to start on your self discovery, check out the books below.