Gratitude Equals Growth.

The practice of gratitude will yield an abundance of opportunities for growth and increase in all areas of life.  Simply, gratitude is the secret to growth. Practice gratitude got it. Wait, before you copy + paste in your notes app, let’s dig a little deeper into how to practice gratitude. Keep reading.


Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. And is best shown through action not merely words. Can you handle what you have now? Are you a good steward over your possessions?


Stewardship is defined as the care or management of the possessions and affairs of someone else. Someone else? I work for mine. No one has given me anything. It’s easy to think those thoughts. But let’s dig deeper, here. Riddle me this: Do you truly own your possessions? Or were these given by God? A higher power? The universe?

The Law of Stewardship states the way you manage your possessions now will always determine what you will ultimately be able to acquire.

1.       There is a direct correlation between your capacity and your potential.

  •  Your potential for tomorrow is determined by how you manage what you have acquired today.

2.       Focus on your personal growth to grow your personal capacity to practice gratitude.

4 Ways to Practice Gratitude:

1.       Patience.

2.       Discipline.

3.       Development of Character.

4.       Use of Wisdom.

It would be easy to complain about not having enough money. Or I could become disciplined in the management of my money and resources through budgeting, saving, and investing. I could make wiser choices regarding my spending habits. Through exercising the methods mentioned above, my character will show I am worthy of an increase of money and resources.

Because I had a #mindshift and decided to practice gratitude for what I have now. I will be given opportunities for growth and increase in my finances.

Fortunately, this works for all areas of your life. 

Now, that you know the secret. Tell me: In what area of life will you practice gratitude?

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-Simone Danielle.

Why aren't you in a relationship?


I swear, I get this question at least once a week. It's becoming draining. 

 The pressure from family and friends is definitely up there. And If you've ever had the privilege of meeting my mother, you know how intense she can be. I've even had a couple of patients try to set me up with their sons, nephews, brothers, etc. #toomuch I appreciate everyone's concern. Really, I do. But I'm totally content in my singleness... at least for now.

What? No. Can't Be. She lying. For real? YES!

Relationships require a lot of work. And at this time, I need to be focusing my energy toward working on myself. Follow me, here: 

  • How can I require xyz from someone, if I'm not offering xyz?
  • What is it I need to work on within myself?

Too vague,  Okay. Let's be clear! 

  • I want a Godly or God- fearing man, but how's my relationship with God?
  • I want a man who can handle his finances, however, are my accounts where they should be? Does my budget balance? How is my portfolio trending?
  • I want a man who is ambitiously achieving his dreams, am I ambitiously knocking out my life goals?
  • I want a man with a nice car and his own place, have I achieved such possessions?
  • I want a man who truly loves me, yet am I willing to become vulnerable enough to allow him the chance to do so? Am I emotionally available?
  • His body needs to be A1, yet is my body model status? curves tight? 
  • I want a man who is a leader, but can I submit and follow?
  • I want a man who respects my opinions, do I respect his?
  • I want a man who treats me like a Queen, yet do I return the favor? 
  • I want a man, am I a woman? Do I embody the characteristics of one? (Some may need to reread.)
  • I want my man to be my best friend. Yet do I know what it means to be a  best friend to another or even myself? 

(SN: This post is in first person. Nevertheless, you may need to question yourself.)

I could go on and on, yet the point remains the same. It starts with myself. Do I have a lot to offer, of course! But my work isn't done. At least, not for the relationship I want. Both parties need to be bringing quality to the table. One sided relationships are never everlasting.

So why aren't you in a relationship? Because the energy needed for a relationship, I've decided to focus it towards personal growth and self discovery. 

I'm not saying not to date or not to be in a relationship. 

I'm saying be the reflection in the mirror. Establish in yourself, what you want to see in your partner. And your dream person will come!


Here is the Bonus Checklist as promised. Be honest with yourself, for best results.

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Eat the cake, Anna Mae!

Throw your own party and celebrate the Micro wins. 

Plus + A Free gift is located at the end of this article. 

Do you ever find yourself in a rut? You know, the feeling of just going through the motions. Same ole same ole, day in and day out. Or maybe, this isn’t you and you’re just waiting for your moment to shine. Shining, also known as, the moment you accomplish something so big everyone can’t help but notice. The praise will come rushing in like the water from a broken damn headed towards the town. Increasing your serotonin levels just enough to boost you out of your funk and back into your happy go jolly self, again.

Does this sound like you?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s vary common in high achievers. Those of us constantly pushing toward accomplishing the next big thing. You know the Macro wins of life. Macro wins? Macro wins are the moments high achievers crave. The moments that create the big praise. The rush of being congratulated, recognized, or honored.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Graduating High school or College
  2. Buying your first car
  3. Obtaining first mortgage
  4. Getting married
  5. Starting a business
  6. Writing a book
  7. Establishing MSI (Multiple streams of income.)

You get the picture. It’s the finished product people often see after you’ve gone through the grunt work, not- so- easy processes, or struggles to finally cross that finish line. These are Macro wins, and boy do they feel great!

Macro wins, got it. Now, what about the Micro wins?

Think about the Macro wins as the goal you want to accomplish, and the micro wins would be the ample number of tasks needed to accomplish the overall goal.

For example:

The Macro win = starting a business.

The micro wins = creating the business plan, branding material such as a name, logo,etc., and acquiring funding.

“There are at least 10 micro wins for every 1 Macro win.” -Lisa Nichols

Remember not to work yourself into a rut or get burned out from not taking the time to recognize the struggles, sacrifices, and energy that goes into accomplishing the Macro win. People only see things from the outside, or the finished product. Don’t let thier praise be the only time you celebrate. Be your own motivation and celebrate yourself!

“Baby no I don’t play, now eat the cake, Anna Mae. Said, “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!” I’m nice, for y’all to reach these heights you gonna need G3…” -Jay Z

Celebrate those Micro wins. You deserve it!


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