Gratitude Equals Growth.

The practice of gratitude will yield an abundance of opportunities for growth and increase in all areas of life.  Simply, gratitude is the secret to growth. Practice gratitude got it. Wait, before you copy + paste in your notes app, let’s dig a little deeper into how to practice gratitude. Keep reading.


Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. And is best shown through action not merely words. Can you handle what you have now? Are you a good steward over your possessions?


Stewardship is defined as the care or management of the possessions and affairs of someone else. Someone else? I work for mine. No one has given me anything. It’s easy to think those thoughts. But let’s dig deeper, here. Riddle me this: Do you truly own your possessions? Or were these given by God? A higher power? The universe?

The Law of Stewardship states the way you manage your possessions now will always determine what you will ultimately be able to acquire.

1.       There is a direct correlation between your capacity and your potential.

  •  Your potential for tomorrow is determined by how you manage what you have acquired today.

2.       Focus on your personal growth to grow your personal capacity to practice gratitude.

4 Ways to Practice Gratitude:

1.       Patience.

2.       Discipline.

3.       Development of Character.

4.       Use of Wisdom.

It would be easy to complain about not having enough money. Or I could become disciplined in the management of my money and resources through budgeting, saving, and investing. I could make wiser choices regarding my spending habits. Through exercising the methods mentioned above, my character will show I am worthy of an increase of money and resources.

Because I had a #mindshift and decided to practice gratitude for what I have now. I will be given opportunities for growth and increase in my finances.

Fortunately, this works for all areas of your life. 

Now, that you know the secret. Tell me: In what area of life will you practice gratitude?

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-Simone Danielle.

Journaling the Journey: Entry 2

Running off of 2 hours of sleep, and I'm not complaining.

I thought (keyword: thought) I would sleep but I couldn't. Why? Because I'm just so excited and inspired to work on my personal brand and a couple of other paid projects. Yes, paid. 

Glory to God.
— Praise Break

It's a blessing to be able to get paid for things that don't even feel like work. Having the freedom to set my own schedule and accept projects on my own terms. I'm grateful. 

So I'm up at the office (That's when you know its real) putting in work. I'll be sure to link to my finished projects at some point as well. 

Let the creative juices flow!

Lord, use me to lead and inspire other entrepreneurs to fearlessly create the life they want.


Simone Danielle.

This entry was originally written on 6.18.2016

Journaling the Journey: Entry 1

God is so good y’all!

When I just think about how true that statement is... it's overwhelming. I mean no matter the situation, you can always find something to praise and give God glory. Amen!

Today, I had the day off. And I spent it working on my new MSI (Multiple stream of income) I know for sure I want this to be a business. I've put a lot of work in already, and feel as though I have a solid foundation of knowledge. 

But what’s holding me back?


I'm afraid I'll fail. Especially, since running this particular business or establishing this MSI would require me to put myself out there. There being in the fore front. There being in the public's eyes. I mean what if this venture doesn't get received well. 

I've never been one to win popularity contest. I'm more of the you either like me or you don't type. I held the President, VP, or Treasury titles not the Homecoming Queen, if you catch my point. 

Now, as I'm writing this entry it's dawning on me: 

Everyone’s not going to like you. And that is okay. You can not make everyone happy.

In other words, the ones who do like you, support, and cheer in your corner, you know chose to be there. They are the ones who genuinely care for you. And that feeling (knowing people are in your corner because they want to be) beats winning a popularity contest and not knowing who truly cares. 

Realistically speaking, I'm only 21. If this whole new business venture doesn't work out as planned than at the very least I can say I tried. Better to fail forward than to never act. 

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart.

Lord give me the strength!


Simone Danielle.