Journaling the Journey: Entry 2

Running off of 2 hours of sleep, and I'm not complaining.

I thought (keyword: thought) I would sleep but I couldn't. Why? Because I'm just so excited and inspired to work on my personal brand and a couple of other paid projects. Yes, paid. 

Glory to God.
— Praise Break

It's a blessing to be able to get paid for things that don't even feel like work. Having the freedom to set my own schedule and accept projects on my own terms. I'm grateful. 

So I'm up at the office (That's when you know its real) putting in work. I'll be sure to link to my finished projects at some point as well. 

Let the creative juices flow!

Lord, use me to lead and inspire other entrepreneurs to fearlessly create the life they want.


Simone Danielle.

This entry was originally written on 6.18.2016