The Launch.

Q1:I know I want to be an entrepreneur + small biz owner, but where do I start?

Let's be real, here. Shall we?

  1. Personal Development.
Your business will only go as far as your personal development goes. -Lisa Nichols

Take the time to do some self discovery. Ask yourself the hard questions: What are my passions? values? non negotiables? Or my favorite: What is my purpose? All these questions + more need to be answered before you go quitting your job and ordering business cards.

Your personal development is the foundation for your future house (brand + business).

If you need some additional help in this department check out The Mindshift Resource Guide. This eGuide is full of suggested books, podcasts, videos + more designed to get your mindset in the position for success. Oh and it's free for a limited time only. Don't sleep!

Q2: I have identified my brand + biz name. What's next?

Buy your domain. It doesn't matter if you plan on launching next week or twenty years from now. It is important to have an online presence in this digital demanding society. Not to mention all the legality reasons behind purchasing your domain, I'll save those for a different time. When it comes to buying your domain I recommend using option 1 or option 2. These are great companies, you decide which best fits your needs.

Q3: Squarespace vs Wordpress. Which do you recommend?

Short answer: It depends. Long answer: It's complicated.

Personally, I'm a Squarespace gal all the way. And for a couple of reasons:

  • I like the cleanliness and overall simplistic aesthetic that comes with many Squarespace templates.
  • Mobile optimazation.
  • Excellent technical support. 

For any entrepreneurs looking to sale products on their site via a store, Squarespace has this excellent function all ready built into their platform. 

For those looking to enter the Podcasting World, Squarespace sites have the abiliy to communicate with sites like iTunes and Soundcloud for uploading + broadcasting through their RSS function.

Wordpress is great for several reasons as well.

  • Substanial number of templates + plugins
  • Customization is second to none.
  • Free option available.

I highly recommend for those who require more creative control over their site. 


  • I recommend Squarespace for those entrepreneurs who have businesses that are not solely blog based.
  • I recommend Wordpress for the blogger looking to really customize their brand's site.

For more info check out these helpful articles: 1. 2. 3.


Increase traffic + audience.

Email marketing.

Q1:What's the best platform to engage with my audience? 

For Beginners: Mailchimp ; This platform is free and gives beginners a chance to really get a grasp of the concept of email marketing. Here, you will be able to dabble in building templates, campaigns, broadcast, automation, etc.

Intermediate: Convertkit ; This platform is awesome for those who have grown their email list to at least 1k - 3k+. At this level, tagging + segmenting your email list has become a priority. Convertkit makes it easy to segment your list and is a platform designed specifically for bloggers.

Advanced: Infusionsoft ; This is such an amazing platform for those who have at least 2k- 3k+ email subscribers. Infusionsoft is not as user friendly as the others but is a powerhouse for marketing + sales automation. The possibilities to maximize profits with this software is numerous. This platform is designed specifically for small businesses + I highly recommend for brick and motor businesses.

Social Media.

Q2: Which platforms should I use to engage with my audience?

The answer varies based on the business + brand's target audience. Your target audience will dictate which platforms you should focus on in your business. I recommend establishing accounts with your audience's top three platforms.

Social media platforms: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. Snapchat. YouTube. Pinterest. +

Struggling with identifying your target audience? Check out my workbook here.


The blueprint.

Q1: How can I monetize my blog + brand?

You can make money from blogging in various ways:

  1. products or services,
  2. affiliate marketing (also known as referral marketing),
  3. sponsored content on your blog or social media channels.

Q2: How can I monetize my business?

Aha! Trick question, if you are a business you should already be monetizing! How are you making profits? 

If you want to more freedom in your business while consistantly producing profits, you need these things:

1. Systems + Processes

2. Automation 


You got questions + I got answers.

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