Let's create the business + life you want on your own terms!

Hi! I'm Simone Danielle, a brand strategist and creative coach for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to live life on their own terms. My mission is to lead and inspire you toward fearlessly creating the life you want. I want you to experience a #Mindshift and become unapologetic about maximizing your potential and accelerating toward success- whatever that means for you. 

If you're ready to hush the chatter of society's standards and:

  • Find your focus and gain clarity on what you want...
  • Create that business and scale it toward success...
  • Dare to live the life your heart desires...
  • Do it all on your own terms rather than the status quo

Then, you're in the right place. Welcome!


I am passionate about leading and inspiring other millennial entrepreneurs toward fearlessly creating the life they want. 


Why? Because I'm living proof. Here's a little back story:

Within the span of one year, I have heavily assisted in the family business of which is now projected to gross million dollar figures. On the personal side, I closed on my first major purchase: a three bedroom- two bathroom home. In addition, I have established passive income through the use of multiple income streams. When I stopped living my life for other people, and started living my life on my terms- my whole world changed. #Mindshift


I am fearless and unapologetic about creating the life I want.

And I want you to feel the same. Being a entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart. If so, no one would be working a nine to five. I have witnessed and experienced what it takes to create a new business: physical location & on a digital space. And how to scale a business to create positive income. Sometimes you need a friend, an advocate, to help you get those “crazy” dreams down on paper and figure out an intentional way to follow them, which is why I offer creative coaching and designing services. I can be that advocate, that friend, that coach that helps you create a business and life you want on your own terms.

When I stopped living my life for other people, and started living my life on my terms- my whole world changed. #Mindshift
— Simone Danielle


I’m currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. When I’m not working with millennial entrepreneurs or behind the scenes on my business, you can find me spending time with family and friends. I'm a sucker for three things: engaging conversation, a good restaurant, and a cool trip or relaxing vacation. I'm really a talker at heart, so don't be shy. Let's chat!